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As of July 2015, Guardians Of Rescue have not provided these dogs with any mental and physical stimulation necessary in reducing problematic isolation behaviors or pain related aggression.  In February, a Behavioral Assessment Evaluation* (with video) was conducted on sixteen dogs.  This was presented to Guardians Of Rescue early March. However, not all dogs could be effectively evaluated as they had become overly stressed from their CURRENT living environment. The dogs in Guardians Of Rescue care have digressed since mid-2014 without proper socialization or enrichment programs.  They linger in their pens.  We can only hope Guardians Of Rescue will implement enrichment programs and increase their living condition in the near future   Note; "...last 12 months, 7 of the former OAS dogs (Jack, Dozer, Chance, Sparky, Bandit, Ghost, Max) went to 3 rescues. 2 of these rescues had at least 1 OAS dog prior.".  Update from Protest OAS urging Guardians Of Rescue to update their plans on the remaining 14 dogs.

* The professional conducting the evaluation was independently contracted by a concerned citizen and approved by Guardians Of Rescue who was present during the two day evaluation.

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OASIS/OAS dogs are not about a re-re rescue but about helping THEM learn to be dogs so they can move on to being adopted!

Officially 14 OAS dogs are housed in Golden Valley, Arizona. February 2015 Guardians Of Rescue stated five; Cooper, April, Doug, Libby, Toby have been claimed by various rescues and are not available. The 9 available for rescue pull are: Gus, Zeus, Alana, Maui, Guido, Bunny, Clara, Ralph, Tatonka