Oasis Dogs From Forks Washington

Alana, Gus, Ralph, Zeus, Bunny, Clara, Guido,

Libby, Maui, Dozer, Anna, Toby, Tatonka

These are special needs/issues dogs. They are ONLY available for adoption to approved rescues, rehabs, training facilities and sanctuaries that have the experience and skill to help them.  Contact  info@guardiansofrescue.org 

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Dogs NOT ready for Permanent Homes could use your Donation or Sponsorship too!

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 It has been 7+ months since Guardians of Rescue took custody of the former Olympic Animal Sanctuary dogs from Forks Washington. Please share their story...their journey to freedom. Together we save them! Please help us continue our mission of saving lives. Watch this video and share!

Rescues, Seattle DogSpot will pay the transportation costs !  ..more details

Check out the fundraisers for the survivors of OAS Dogs.   Support the Rescues who stepped up for the OAS Dogs!!